red kitchen

Brighten Your Cooking Space With A Red Kitchen Decor

Your kitchen should reflect your personality, especially since you spend a good amount of time in there making meals for your family. Here’s why a red kitchen decor will work for your home.

  • bright colors on the walls inside the kitchen can very easily brighten up the existing space.Not only does it look bright and beautiful but it can act as a style statement for your home as well.
  • Keep the door of the kitchen neutral so the color does not become overbearing.

If your kitchen is visible from the living room or the sitting room, ensure that you add small red elements through the house to link the theme through.

  • A small red vase with light colored flowers.
  • one or two red accent cushions
  • Red Photo frames

In the kitchen, you can add

  • Complimentary colors that run through your home. Ensure you have some neutral elements such as white frames or a white clock in your kitchen.