garden cat tree

Outdoor Cat Tree In Your Garden

With materials around the house and a little creativity with the plants, you can have a small space dedicated to these felines. You can completely safeguard the plants and the kitties by fencing the garden area. This way the cats will not get out and neither will predators come into your area.

Making an outdoor cat tree will require some ingenuity on your part. An outdoor cat tree should have some or all the following:

  • A few slots to perch on. Cats love being at a height to observe the neighborhood.
  • Use old furniture lying around to creatively set up something that the cats would love to climb up and down.
  • Wood offcuts can be used to create some interesting set-ups for the cat. The wood off-cuts need to be sanded and smoothened before they are ready for use.
  • PVC pipes or thick cardboard tubes can also be used. You can use carpet off-cuts or rope to cover it up and it becomes a good scratching post for them as well.

Use these ideas to include them in your garden and make a happy space your cats!