How To Start A Vegetable Garden

Today we find that our houses are getting smaller, but we yearn for a little green space around the house. It gives us immense pleasure to grow small plants around the house. Not only does it look attractive, but you will see that the air around your home is fresh.

With so much information and umpteen options available, here’s how to start a vegetable garden.

How big and elaborate it can become will depend on the time and space you can devote to the same.

You can start with small patches and start by planting plants easy to take care such as chilies or tomatoes.

If do not have much space at all, start by planting herbs in small containers. You can get inventive and creative with where you plant these herbs. For instance, without spending a lot of money, you can use egg cartons to plants a few herbs. Place them in a lighted spot (near a window) in your kitchen. Once your herb garden thrives, you can slowly start to graduate to other kitchen plants.

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